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TECNO2 motorsport performance products  is a company leader in storage and marketing of high quality car spare parts, like clutches, fittings, hoses and special engine replacements.

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TECNO2 motorsport performance products


Ferodo Racing brake pads

19 March 2018|news|

The product range of FERODO RACING brake pads and the relative applications are frequently expanded and updated. TECNO2 Motorsport Performance Products, official distributor FERODO RACING, allows you to consult the wide range of FERODO RACING pads for over 90% of classic and current sports cars, updated in real time. Click to see the latest news! Click to see the latest news! Are you an OFF-ROAD addicted? Is your garage an OFF_ROAD specialist? FERODO RACING has applications for most SUVs of yesterday and today! Discover them now !

Weber carburetor kit for Volvo Penta

4 March 2018|news|

Original Weber carburetor kit for marine engine Volvo Penta 2.3/2.5 replacing Solex carburetors. The kit includes: Custom suction manifold, designed and developed for this type of 4 cylinders and specific for housing a Weber DGES 38 carburetor Original Weber 38DGES Carburetor Throttle lever specifically studied for nautical use. Air filter equipped with flame anti-return. Everything you need to install, "Plug and Play" kit For more details, see the circular.

TECNO2 motorsport performance products


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Alta qualità ed ampia scelta anche per le vetture storiche

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Praticamente…. la conosco dalla prima sede aperta a Torino …. tanti anni fa’….. !!!!! Complimenti…. !!!!

Roberto Vittone

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