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TECNO2 motorsport performance products has been present on the European market for over 20 years. It deals with the storage and marketing of high quality automotive mechanical parts, clutches, fittings, pipes and special engine parts.
The owner, the staff and the collaborators of the TECNO2 performance products have their own experiences in car competitions and aim to offer customers the best products of the world selection.

TECNO2 motorsport performance products has as its customers renowned European motorists and famous companies in the Motor Passion sector, including:

FCA Abarth      C.R.F.      CNH Industrial      GM Global Propulsion System     

Dallara Automobili      Italdesign      Italtecnica      Pininfarina

  Officine Michelotto      Osella Engineering      Pagani Automobili

A leading company in the field of preparations in motor sport, Tecno 2 distributes its products and those of the best manufacturers in the world, in Italy and in the rest of Europe.

TECNO2 motorsport performance products sells products made for specific application on racing cars or prototypes.

In addition to having developed a widespread sales network, it provides technical representatives who offer their consultancy to teams and trainers.

TECNO2 motorsport performance products provides specific catalogs for each distributed line of products and provides its customers a 60 pages price list  updated every six months.

TECNO2 motorsport performance products maintains the prerogative of having in stock a large quantity and a good choice of high-tech spare parts, which are essential for those who want to build winning racing cars or working prototypes of certain success.

Browsing this website you will  feel like being in a large “show-room” where you can choose and decide to buy the right item for your needs.

Feel free to contact us to have any information you may need  or the address of the sales point or installer closest to your residence, as soon as possible.

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