Cash at delivery limit €999.00

In this mode the payment is made to the courier at the time of delivery of the purchased product without having to pay any kind of supplement. This option gives the widest freedom of choice of the place of delivery: In fact you can send the goods to an address or to a recipient different from that of the owner of the order. However there are some mandatory conditions to respect:

  1. Make the payment only with banknotes or coins directly to the courier.
  2. The courier accepts only exact sums, corresponding to the amount of the order; There is no restitution of the remainder;
  3. The Courier accepts bank cheques payable to it

Bank Draft

New limit for cash payments of commercial transactions the financial manoeuvre of the Monti-DL government 201 of 6 December 2011 establishes a new maximum limit for the use of cash in commercial transactions, set in EUR 1,000. Therefore, the collection value of the shipments on the mark will not exceed this amount. The law also refers to bank cheques for which the limit on the obligation of the NON-transferable reason has been reduced, bringing it to €1,000. All cheques issued in excess of €1,000, on the other hand, must always bear an indication of the beneficiary’s name or social reason and the non-transfer clause.

Bank transfer

The choice to pay by bank transfer allows you to send the goods to an address or to a recipient different from that of the owner of the order. Once you have placed your order you must follow this procedure:

  • The bank transfer must be made within 3 working days of the order (penalty cancellation of the order);
  • The reason to report on the bank transfer must indicate: the number and date of the order, the name and surname of the originator;

The bank transfer must be made in favour of:

Beneficiary: TECNO2 SRL Bank: UNICREDIT Banca-S. MAURO T.SE (TO) ABI: 02008 CAB 30945 c/C: 40846830 cin K BIC SWIFT UNCRITM1EC5 IBAN: IT 96K 02008 30945 0000 4084 6830

The banking practice wants to be credited to the bank account of the beneficiary (TECNO2 SRL) not before 3/5 working days from its execution. Your order will be processed only upon receipt of the amount reclaimed, then at normal time of delivery must be added the banking timetable above.